Yesterday’s shootout was the latest in a series of violent

Brak komentarzy do Yesterday’s shootout was the latest in a series of violent

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Replica Bags Security forces said they shot Ibrahim Muhmmad Abdullah al Rayyes after he started shooting when police attempted to arrest him at a gas station southeast of Riyadh just after dawn yesterday. No officers were injured, the Saudi Press Agency said.Investigators found forged documents and a hand grenade on al Rayyes’ body.A search of his home uncovered three hand grenades, a machine gun, three pistols and ammunition, the press agency said. And Saudi officials said they had received no concrete information about a possible attack.Members of the embassy staff were restricted to their residential compound Saturday.Yesterday’s shootout was the latest in a series of violent confrontations that have resulted in the deaths of suspected al Qaida leaders as well as nearly a dozen Saudi security officers since car bombings May 12 in Riyadh killed 35, including nine Americans. Replica Bags

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