“We would want to do it with respect for the surroundings

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Down 1 0 in the third inning of the nightcap, Grady singled ahead of three straight sacrifice bunts. LeMoyne mishandled two of them for errors and failed to get the lead runner on the other, allowing ESU (8 15) to score three runs. Lawrensen (2 for 3, double) drove in the fourth tally with a single..

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purse replica handbags Within the next 30 days, the owners of the complex will ask the county zoning commission for permission to build a miniature golf course on three to four of the 19 acres that make up the facility, said Kevin Bidelspach, director of operations and part owner of the complex.The miniature golf course would be between the complex’s driveway and the soccer golf course now under construction, he said.”We’re not looking to put a putt putt Replica Bags https://www.moreplicaa.com/ Designer Replica Bags in,” he said. “It’s going to have to be challenging and unique.”He said the course probably will have 18 holes, which will be longer than the holes that make up a typical miniature golf course. The course might also include holes of varying levels of difficulty, to provide a challenge for people with a wider range of abilities.”We would want to do it with respect for the surroundings,” he said, with features such as ground level lighting.”We’re touring other facilities on the East Coast” to glean ideas, he said.He said plans will emphasize providing a challenge for golfers, not creating atmosphere in the sense provided by some miniature golf courses in Ocean City.”I think that we could provide a fun, challenging hole without putting a large animal next to it,” Mr purse replica handbags.