That’s the argument two former board members are taking to Wall

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When top Hollywood lobbyist Jack Valenti took the stage at a recent awards banquet, he lavished praise on the man of the hour Michael Eisner and his 19 years at the helm of Walt Disney Co.To make his point, Valenti told the crowd that an investor who bought $10,000 of Disney stock when Eisner took the helm in 1984 would be sitting on more than $220,000 today.To be sure, Disney’s return to shareholders over the past 20 years has been spectacular, far outpacing the average blue chip stock.The trouble is, few investors hold on to their shares for that long. And though the long term return has been stellar, it masks the much weaker performance of the stock over the past five years, notwithstanding a rally over the past 16 months that has encouraged many Disney investors.That’s the argument two former board members are taking to Wall Street in a campaign to unseat Eisner. Roy E.

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