No one is scrambling to pay an injured and aging Isaiah Thomas

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Canada Goose Sale Forget the market then: what about critical consensus? Broadly it seems clear that the Cavs just made themselves viable and flexible for the near future, but this trade is much harder to assess from the Celtics vantage point. No one is scrambling to pay an injured and aging Isaiah Thomas, but was Irving worth throwing all that other value overboard? Even a casual NBA fan could reel off five (okay, at worst, four) superior point guards: Chris Paul, James Harden, Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, to say nothing of the trickier comparisons that Damian Lillard or Kyle Lowry might invite. But by age 25 he has made an All NBA team and three straight Finals, sunk his share of iconic shots, filled highlight reels with spurts of iso scoring that seem to accrue even greater value in the playoffs, which pose a grinding series of matchup puzzles. Canada Goose Sale

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