Medication Used To Help In Controling Dermatitis

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2Core modules and Political ThoughtSocial and Political Thought 2Social ResearchStudents choose from the following optional modules is a Child? Thinking about ‘Race’ Thinking about ‘Race’ Study Early Childhood Social and Political Thought Disability and InclusionTheories of Discipline Progressive Education the Holocaust and Education through Observation and Comparative Education Education Identity Teachers’ Lives and Pupils’ Stories Special and Inclusive Education was a Teacher? Histories of Teacher Education and Separate Spheres’ Gender and History of 1789 1923 Inclusion and Exclusion Education, Policy and Practice Teacher Power and PedagogyEducation and Work Nature learning in the Anthropocene Beyond Left and Right Education and ChristianityPhilosophies of EducationPlay in Education StudiesInterprofessional PracticeInclusion and Exclusion in Education and Young People in TransitionThe School Curriculum and Care of Young Children with Children, Young People and CommunitiesWorking with Young PeopleHealth Issues for Young PeopleChildren and Young People and Physical ActivitiesYear 3Core modules Children and Young PeopleStudents choose from the following optional modules of Gender Roles in SchoolsCurrent Issues in Education and EducationIndependent StudyLoss of Childhood Early Years Education Early Years Education Higher EducationConstructing the Other Race, Ethnicity and ReligionEducating the Teenage ConsumerThe Inclusive Educator Values, Virtues and Practice and the SoulHolocaust EducationMarxisms and SchoolingExclusion in and from Schooling Critical Reflections on Teaching, and Theory Death and Education and EducationEducation and the Arab Islamic World as Education Early Childhood Education (RECE) Theory and Practice in Early ChildhoodEarly Childhood in a Changing World Education and the Learning Person Philosophies of Education and Jewish Thought Ecologies EthicsCritiquing Inclusive Educational Practice the Museum ExperienceThe Language of Inclusion in EducationEducation, Inclusion and Refugees Educational Research EducationPreparing for Professional Practice and CarersReflective PracticeSubstance Use and MisuseOutdoor Education and CrimeYoung ParentsChildren and Young People’s Mental HealthPlease note the modules listed are correct at the time of publishing, for full time students entering the programme in Year 1. Optional modules are listed where applicable. Please note the University cannot guarantee the availability of all modules listed and modules may be subject to change.

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