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‘Time to move recycling centre after fire,’ says Derby councillorPaul Bayliss is calling for Veolia’s waste transfer station to be relocated out of Alvaston19:33, 24 AUG 2017Updated19:37, 24 AUG 2017A councillor in Alvaston has raised concerns about the location of the waste recycling plant hit by a major fire on Thursday.Councillor Paul Bayliss remembers a similar incident 10 years ago when the Veolia waste transfer station went up in flames.He said: “It’s not the first time this has happened it really ought not to be there at all. It’s a hazard there is a large number of houses around the site, we need to get it moved.”It’s not the first time this has happened, and if it is allowed to stay here I doubt it will be the last.”In April 2007, 200 tonnes of rubbish caught fire at the site. Twenty firefighters spent two hours extinguishing the massive blaze at Veolia Environmental Services in London Road, Alvaston.The blaze caused offices next to the depot to be evacuated turfing out 50 members of staff and there were tailbacks through Alvaston as firefighters hooked up their fire engines to local water mains.A local resident captured this footage of the flamesSimilar scenes were repeated today as fire crews from two counties fought a blaze in a pile of waste inside a huge shed.Andre Martin, who canada goose sale has lived in London Road for around 12 years, said: “Veolia should be moved as the site is not appropriate here.

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