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america’s affection for hometown confections

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Germans put real candles on their trees. Not strings of plastic, short circuited lights that take six hours to untangle (something to which I was secretly looking forward). In the US, putting even one uncovered, lit candle, in the branches of a drying out spruce tree inside a house would be possible grounds for immediate removal to an insane asylum (do those still exist?).

Enough about me. Keanu is doing ok. At the moment his seizures aren’t so nice : ( they getting pretty strong again. “You need to have a ‘why to,’ not just a ‘how to,'” says St. John. So whether that’s losing weight to lower your blood pressure and risk of diabetes or to quit smoking so you can set a good example for your kids or get fit so you can feel great in your bathing suit next summer, pick a reason and remind yourself of it daily..

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By 12 weeks postpartum, I was able to drop my middle of the night pumping session and finally get several consecutive hours of sleep. My husband and I could go on date nights, and he gave me every weekend “off” by waking up with our son at night and letting me sleep in in the morning. It was so much easier to go back to work with a pumping routine already in place.

microneedle roller Why are things continuing to fall apart in Haiti. With all of the relief supplies and money coming into the country why is no one in charge of overseeing the organization of distribution and movement of supplies and will there be an organized effort for the money to rebuild? This would be the perfect time for humanitarians who can build quality structures to step up and offer assistance in design and hurricane proof products. Has any one heard such products? We who live in Florida have microneedle roller.