After his retirement, he became active in the Service Corps of

Brak komentarzy do After his retirement, he became active in the Service Corps of

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Hermes Replica Bags Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown was the O’Malley administration’s point man on Obamacare’s rollout in Maryland, but I didn’t see any mention of that in his new campaign ads. Francis though seemed in fine form, bundled against the cold and wind by a white shawl that he donned for his popemobile ride into town past thousands of people who came to greet him, waving handkerchiefs and singing songs of welcome.At an airport welcome ceremony with Morales by his side, Francis praised Bolivia for taking “important steps” to include the poor and marginalized in the political and economic life of the country, South America’s poorest.Top News Photos: Congress Returns as Trump Ends DACAMorales came to power championing Bolivia’s 36 indigenous groups and enshrined their rights in the constitution, and under his leadership Bolivia’s economy has boomed thanks to high prices for its natural gas and minerals. But Morales has roiled the local church by taking a series of anti clerical initiatives, including a new constitution that made the overwhelmingly Catholic nation a secular country.In his speech, Francis noted the Catholic faith took “deep root” in Bolivia centuries ago “and has continued to shed its light upon society, contributing to the development of the nation and shaping its culture.””The voice of the bishops, which must be prophetic, speaks to society in the name of the church, our mother, from her preferential, evangelical option for the poor,” he said.UpdatedEnvironment, Poverty High on Papal Agenda in BoliviaMorales, for his part, recalled how the Catholic Church in the past was on the side of the oppressors of Bolivia’s people, three quarters of whom are of indigenous origin. But Morales, an Aymara Indian known for anti imperialist and socialist stands, said things have changed with this pope and the Bolivian people are greeting Francis as someone who is “helping in the liberation of our people.””He who betrays a poor person, betrays Pope Francis,” Morales said.He later gave Francis some politically loaded gifts Hermes Replica Bags.