A dispatcher in Kingston, Ont

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replica celine belt bag And yet, right now, I think it does happen to people.”David Fowlie says he has been trying to find answers about his son’s death for three years. (CBC)Portable defibrillators can be found in schools, rinks, businesses and community centres across the Atlantic region, but there is no public information about how many there are or where they are located.Jordan Boyd didn’t get defibrillator in key moments after collapseAcadia hockey player thanks those who saved his life after cardiac arrest during gameIf Michael Fowlie had collapsed in the western provinces or parts of Ontario, the 911 dispatcher could have told bystanders if an automated external defibrillator (AED) was nearby and instructed someone to fetch it quickly.A dispatcher in Kingston, Ont., would send out an alert to people in the area with an app and a stranger could have shown up within minutes, defibrillator in hand.None of that would happen in Atlantic Canada.There was a defibrillator about 800 metres from where Michael Fowlie went into cardiac arrest. (Submitted by David Fowlie)Cardiac arrest is a big killer in Canada, with an estimated 40,000 deaths annually, according to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. replica celine belt bag

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